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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I still have to pay for dinner at the restaurant, right? Why shouldn't I just make my own reservation?

    While you could try to weed through thousands of reviews available on the Internet and in guide books, you'd be much better off having an expert working on your behalf and customizing the perfect dining experience for your tastes and needs. Think of me as your advocate -- a trustworthy professional who will guide you toward restaurants doing great work today, not six months ago. I am unaffected by marketing and public relations, and only care about what's going to be right for you and your particular situation. There is no restaurant professional you will find who is able to offer this much expertise and value for the money. It's worth it!

  2. I'd like to plan a special occasion/corporate events/VIP services. Can you help me?

    Yes. I can arrange an intimate off-menu dinner for two, a week of business lunches for your executive team, or a wedding reception for 500. Whatever you need, I can help you put it together. Just fill out the custom form and I'll be back in touch.

  3. Can I get multiple restaurant options for each meal?

    Absolutely. I am actually going to think carefully about your preferences (not my own) and then make your reservation(s) for you, rather than merely providing suggestions. However, your purchase will give you access to the exclusive Dining Guide on donrockwell.com, where you can find listings of other terrific restaurants in town. You'll find that this by itself is worth the cost of a single meal. Plus, don't be surprised if unexpected extras make an appearance -- after all, I want to create a memorable dining experience for you.

  4. Is there really someone out there reading my requests and matching me with my ideal dining experience?

    Indeed there is. A database or travel guide can't analyze your preferences and suit your tastes. All choices and reservations are made by me personally, not a robot mining a database. That's also why you need to give me at least two full days before the time of the reservation you request. If I have more questions for you, I'll ask them and work with you to create your ultimate dining experience.

    Please note: Certain restaurants in town really are booked long in advance, and there's no magical power I possess to change that (believe me, I've tried for myself many times, to no avail). This is why, for example, I can't accept a specific request for Komi only 48 hours in advance.

  5. What if I have to cancel?

    Sometimes plans change. Please see the legal disclaimers for the full cancellation policy. If there is a true emergency, please contact DCDining.com directly to see if it's possible to make alternate arrangements for you.